Axa Insurance

AXA is Belgium's first insurance company to launch an iPhone app. Their free application helps and guides you through some basic steps when you have a car accident. This product has been launched with an innovative print ad that requires your iPhone to complete the message.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp / Modem, Belgium
Account director: Dimitri Mundorff
Account Manager: Julie Van Hoecke, Floris Adriaenssens
CD: Geoffrey Hantson, Lansen Walraet
AD: Kristoff De Prins
Copy: Philippe Blondé
Agency producer: Marc Van Buggenhout
Prod Comp: TRS
Director: Felix&Paul
Producer: Mitchel Elsen
Line Producer: Sach Baylin-Stern
DOP: Van Royko
3D modeling: Jean-François Gauthier, Lorien Routhier
3D animation: Gregory Bone, Jonathan Pepin-Gangné
Painting: Augustin Togas
Audio: Raygun

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