Greenville Literacy Association

Our goal was to let people know where there money goes when they support the Greenville Literacy Association's annual book sale. The idea was to come up with an interesting and engaging way to put our target in situations where they had to figure out how to read again. Utilizing illusions, we were able to create an eye catching and intriguing way to get people to interact with the advertising. It ended up not feeling at all like advertising and more like a puzzle or installation. Voracious readers are curious by nature, and the illusions were a way to tap into that natural curiosity. The illusions also created a simple, yet profound metaphor for what an illiterate person experiences as they try to learn to read. So it was all about tying the struggle to figure out the illusions with the struggle that many adults experience when trying to learn to read.

Advertising Agency: bounce, Greenville, SC, USA
Creative Director: John McDermott
Associate Creative Director: Stephen Childress
Art Director: Barry Godfrey
Designer: Marlena Sigman
Designer: Melissa Nocks
Traffic/Production: Kristin Patterson
Printer: TPM
Published: August 2010

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  1. The illusions are awesome. Great work.

  2. Original and engaging. Nice.