Red Brick Beer: Beer from around here, Packaging

Red Brick is a craft beer made by Atlanta Brewing Company in Atlanta, GA. We redesigned not just their packaging, but their entire visual identity, using the tagline "Beer From Around Here" and the concept that all beer from outside the Southern states is effectively an import. We simplified the names of their products, added writing with Southern personality, and incorporated visual cues from Southern industrial products. With a limited ad budget, we made the packaging the advertising, and managed to turn a brand with no recognizable identity into a brand with not just an identity, but a rich cultural story.

Advertising Agency: 22Squared, Atlanta Georgia, USA
Executive Creative Director: John Stapleton
Creative Directors: Curt Mueller, Isvel Rodriguez
Art Directors: Isvel Rodriguez, Josh Robinson, Ryan Hoelting
Copywriter: Curt Mueller
Illustrators: Isvel Rodriguez, Ryan Hoelting
Designer: Ryan Hoelting
Published: May 2010

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