Pilot Frixion: Evolution

There’s no life without change! And there’s no change without Frixion! Discover the amazing evolution of human species according to Pilot Frixion.

Synopsis: millions of years ago we have been created as a simple black point, evolved over fish, reptilian and other species into modern men. But nowadays, advanced technologies make us loose our way. We only sit around looking in a digital screen, getting fat and useless. And would not have been the Frixion pen erasing our stupid blinkers and creating new muscled arms, we would have drowned in the flood.

Executive Creative Director: Jürgen Krieger
Creative Directors: Óscar Amodia
Strategic Planner: Domènec Salvía
Director Boolab: Martin Alleis
Sound Studio: Ideasonora
Audio Clip Music: Franzl Lang / Mei Vater is a Appenzeller

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